A platform for learning,
motivation and communication
that your employees will love

Now your team is online — all on one single digital platform

A platform for learning, motivation and communication that your employees will love

Now your team is online — all on one single digital platform

What is Motivity?
This is an HR application for staff development and retention. With the help of Motivity modules, you can build a simple and understandable training system or implement a digital corporate culture into the company's life.
Corporate Academy and Distance learning
Implementation of a gamified corporate training system will make up to 97% of your employees use it on a daily basis.
Corporate social network
Get a corporate social network with news, personal blogs, surveys and quizzes. Implement the processes of personal motivation growth, development and corporate culture to your company.
Performance measures
Setting up a KPI system for different groups of employees will let you visualize achievements on the company's most important indicators. We will help you arrange a competition based on sales results. If your company doesn't use the KPI system, we will implement the OKR goal setting methodology.
Motivation and gamification
We provide a digital adaptation system and a mentoring school for beginners. You'll halve the time for employee induction and аchieve 4 times turnover reduction.
Motivity in your smartphone
Motivity is available as a PC, tablet, and smartphone applications. With our platform your employees can engage with your business and make their mobile learning experience more accessible and productive.
Motivity builds for various tasks
We have implemented more than 100 projects in HR-tech. Our experts know which combinations of modules work most effectively for different goals, so Motivity platform has ready-made solutions for your tasks. Also you can create your own unique platform from a variety of modules.
Your education program can become an exciting quest. Use our staged-based system to test employee knowledge across themes, along with gamified training, mentoring and peer-learning programs. Use quests both for training beginners and for improving the competencies of managers.
Automate the adapting process for newcomers and make it more fun and effective. You don't have to worry about training and knowledge testing. With our mechanics your employees will quickly immerse themselves in the work processes and will reach out to productivity faster.
Engaging mechanics will turn the routine of the learning process into an exciting game. We use both small gamification mechanics and full-fledged games to work out the acquired knowledge and maintain the competitive spirit in the team.
Social Network
Employee communication is your goal? With Motivity Community you can build a corporate social network. This is a full-fledged company ecosystem, where users are able to study new materials, share news, communicate with each other, express gratitude and reward colleagues for their help with tasks.
50+ modules
Build a system for your company's tasks using additional modules. 360-degree feedback, Dialogue simulator, Prize catalogue, Bank of ideas, Study Matrix, goal setting, KPI constructor and other modules — we have solutions for any tasks.
Why clients choose us?
Motivity is not just a convenient set of mechanics and tools. We provide a whole range of services: we have methodologists, editors and HR experts in our team.

With our support, large companies such as adidas, Sony, Bosch, BMW, IQOS and Casio are successfully developing the potential of their employees. Our projects have been repeatedly recognized as best solutions in the field of HR-tech.

Best elearning platform in Russia
Best eLearning Russia /
Creators' Hub (adidas)
Best solution for career development
Wow HR / Asahi Glass Co.
Best HRTech-project of the year
Skolkovо / PRO Education
Best solution for corporate communications
InterComm 2020 / Motivity Hardcore
One price — many possibilities
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Social network
We have a discount system and special conditions for companies with 500+ users
Starting from 100 users / per month

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Write to us — we will hold an online presentation of the possibilities of Motivity and we will select the optimal solution together.

Eearly Birds
For more than 10 years we have been doing HR-tech projects in Russia. Using our experience, we have created an effective and easy-to-use product that will help you digitize HR processes, save money on solving routine tasks and make employees more efficient.

We have recently entered the US market, and we are interested in launching new and ambitious projects with you.

Therefore, the first 5 customers will receive a 50% discount from us.
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